Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lime Delight

Lime Delight
First week of 2013! There's just not enough days in a year. For me 2012 went really quickly, I had a few exams during the summer, unfortunately I still have some to do, in fact I have an exam next week. Which I should really be preparing for, but I am an expert procrastinator and usually leave the important things till last minute.

However I have done something useful which is...creating this beautiful zesty dessert. My mother invited a few family friends for New Years day and asked me to make a nice dessert for the guests. Now I love making desserts, especially chocolate ones, however a lot of the elders in my culture do not like chocolate, actually they don't like anything sweet unless it's a traditional sweet dish. After a lot of thinking on what to make, I decided to combine sweet and tang and created this crowd pleasing dessert.
They loved the look of the two layers and from the empty glasses and speed they ate it, I'm guessing they also liked the taste. The bottom layer is a tangy minted lime curd and the white layer is a creamy lime posset. I wanted this dessert to have its own individual name and since this dessert made all the guests happy, I thought I'd call it Lime Delight.

Makes around 12 small glasses
For the lime curd:
Juice of four limes
Zest of two limes
Caster sugar, 100g
3 egg yolks
Unsalted butter, 25g
Cornflour, 5tbsp 
Chopped mint leaves, 1 1/2 tbsp (optional)
Few drops of green food colouring (optional)

For the lime posset:
Double cream, 150ml
Condensed milk, one can (397g)
Zest of 4 limes
Lime juice, 150ml

Making the lime curd:
  1. Whisk together the cornflour, lime juice and mint (if using), pour it into a saucepan along with 250ml of water. Keep on whisking and bring to boil until it has thickend and has turned into a milky white colour. Turn off the heat.
  2. Quickly whisk in the sugar, egg yolks, lime zest, butter and green food colouring (if using). Stop once the butter has melted and everything has blended in. Pour the curd into the glasses and leave them to set, for around an hour, or until the curd does not move when the glass is shaken gently
Making the lime posset:
  1. Whisk together the condensed milk and double cream until thick
  2. Add in the lime juice and zest and whisk until everything is incorporated
  3. Pour into a jug to make it easier to pour into the glasses (this also makes sure that the glasses look nice and there are no smears of lime posset)
  4. Pour the lime posset into the glasses that are already filled with the lime curd
  5. Place in the fridge for atleast 3 hours or longer and serve :)


  1. Yum this looks amazing! Thanks so much for linking up to the Craft Yourself Crazy link party!


    1. Thank you! Ah it was my pleasure, thank you for hosting :D

  2. It is almost too pretty to eat! Thanks for linking to my link party! :)

    1. Thank you Steph and thanks for hosting! :D